How it all works

and what to expect


95% of our travellers are like-minded Solo Travellers travelling on their own that want to travel in the comfort a group and meet new friends. The other 5% tend to be friends or a couple that prefer to travel in a group and want everything organised on a trip and enjoy being part of a group experience.

We don’t like to set age boundaries but to give you an idea we tend to find most of our groups tend to be between in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s and 60’s and occasionally we will get someone in their 70’s. The real mix of ages adds an interesting dynamic and works really well on trips, and the main thing everyone has in common is that everyone is fit and healthy and ready for new adventure. Age is just a number these days!



You will always find other group members joining their first trip, so you will always have someone in the same boat as you. Regardless of whether it’s your first time or you have travelled with us in the past, you will always be made to feel at ease and welcome. Many of our customers are repeat customers so you will always see a familiar face or two on future trips you book.

All our group trips always have a Solo Adventure Holidays Representative travelling with the group and they support our local trusted guides ensuring you are well looked after and have the best holiday experience. We offer the option of being added to a whatsapp group a couple of days before travel so that you can stay in touch with other group members during the trip and maybe even meet at the airport if you travelling from the same city.

Groups tend to stay together for most of the trip as our itineraries have daily sightseeing or other activities but there is always the flexibility to do your own thing during any free time if you choose. Group dinners are arranged for the evening which are a perfect way to get to know your group members.


We keep our group sizes small so that we are more mindful of the environment and also want to ensure our customers get a more personal experience, making it easier to get to know other group members. We also find smaller group sizes give more flexibility and opportunity to take make additional stops and selecting local restaurants.

Our maximum group size for European trips is 12 and the maximum for most International trips is 15



We have the highest numbers of Solo Travellers in our groups than any other company and all our trips and departures are solely for Solo Travellers. We curate all our trips from our personal travel experiences and use our travel expertise in ensuring every small detail adds to the trip experience.

We help people experience the world by taking a step out of their comfort zone and escaping everyday life.

Everything in our itineraries is included , so no hidden surprises and more transparency with upfront costs. Not to mention the great value for money you will get on each trip. There are no compulsory single supplements as all our prices are based on sharing a twin room with another group member of the same sex. However there is also the option to have your own room, get in touch and we can advise of additional costs involved depending on trip.